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Posted on: February 5, 2020

Council Highlights

Council Highlights -  February 04, 2020

Citizens’ Minute with Council

Residents are welcome to speak to Council about issues, events, celebrations or concerns during Minute with Council. At the beginning of each regular Council Meeting, Mayor Michaels opens the floor to the public to speak and share with Council members, administration and meeting observers.

Bernie Kreiner, Hinton Rotary
Kreiner came before Council to share information regarding the Rotary’s Cups for Compassion campaign, and the work to support this important location for Hinton Residents.

Ellen Aust, GYPSD
Aust came before Council to share information regarding GYPSD’s recent session regarding West Yellowhead Community Violent Threat Assessment Protocol, as well as an upcoming event on March 11 whereat the GYPSD’s budget will be discussed. 


Presentations are required to be arranged through the Executive Assistant, so that presenters can be sure time is set aside for their presentations on the Council agenda. Find out more about how to be a delegation by following this link.

Hinton Youth Advisory Council

View the HYAC presentation in the agenda package, available here. 

Public Hearings

In some instances, Council is required to conduct public hearings regarding land use bylaws, rezoning, etc., or on any other matter council deems appropriate.

1. Municipal Development Plan No. 1084 and Land Use Bylaw No. 1088 

Learn more in the agenda package, available here. 

Action Items

1. Municipal Development Plan Amendment No. 1084-2 – Second and Third Reading
The Town received an application to amend the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) Figure 6 Existing Land Use Map from Industrial to Future Development. The subject lands are located at 100 & 200 Drinnan Way (Attachment 1). These lands are undeveloped and in a natural state but have been cleared of trees. First Reading of Municipal Development Plan Bylaw Amendment No. 1084-2 was passed at the Regular Council Meeting held January 7, 2020. Council gave the amendment second and third reading.

2. Land Use Bylaw Amendment No. 1088-12 – Second and Third Reading
The Town received an application to amend the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) from I-LHT Light Industrial District to FUD – Future Urban Development District on the lands located at 100 & 200 Drinnan Way (Attachment 1). The subject lands are undeveloped and in a natural state but have been cleared of trees. These lands were recently subject of an amendment from I-LHT Light Industrial to DC Direct Control; however, Council defeated Second Reading as a result of the Applicant submitting a letter of cancellation. The reason for the cancellation was that the DC District was not the most appropriate designation. The Applicant has since applied to rezone the lands to FUD Future Urban Development. First Reading of Land Use Bylaw Amendment No. 1088-12 was passed at the Regular Council Meeting held on January 7, 2020. Council gave the amendment second and third reading.

3. Land Use Bylaw Amendment No. 1088-13 - First Reading
Land Use Bylaw No. 1088 was adopted at the Regular Meeting of Council September 6, 2016. To address business community desires for employee housing, and smart growth planning principles, Administration is introducing an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw for residential units in the C-HWY Highway Commercial District. Currently, the Land Use Bylaw provides for mixed residential/commercial developments in the C-NOD Urban Node Districts (Old Drinnan Town and Mountainview Shopping Districts). Attachment 1 is an Edits Overview accompanied by Attachment 2 Bylaw Amendment No. 1088-13. The Edits Overview summarizes the changes made (with rationale) for ease of reference. Council gave the amendment first reading, and then that Council schedule a Public Hearing on
March 3, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. in Council Chambers to hear public comments on Bylaw Amendment No. 1088-13. This motion carried.

4. Procedure Bylaw Review Committee 
Town of Hinton Bylaw #1060-6, Council Procedure Bylaw was enacted on September 21, 2010. There have been six amendments to the Council Procedure Bylaw since that time. Council has expressed their intention to create a Procedure Bylaw Review Committee to undertake a review and update of the bylaw. It was moved that the terms of reference be amended to read:

4.1.1  One (1) appointed Town of Hinton Council representative
4.1.2  The Mayor; and
4.1.3  One (1) Town of Hinton Administration representative.

This motion carried. Council then gave the bylaw first and second reading, unanimous consent, and then third reading. It was then moved that Council approve the Terms of Reference for the Procedure Bylaw Review Committee as amended, and that Council appoint Councillor Nelson to the Procedure Bylaw Review Committee with Councillor Maguhn appointed as alternate. These motions carried. 

In Camera

In-camera is a legal term meaning in private; When a Council goes in-camera, it means the Council meeting is closed to the public. In general terms, the exceptions include matters where disclosures could be harmful to personal privacy, individual or public safety, law enforcement, intergovernmental relations, or economic or other interests; reveal confidential evaluations, local public body confidence, or advice from officials; or disclose information that is subject to legal privilege.

It was moved that Council approve the Personnel Committee to proceed with the recruitment process for a Chief Administrative Officer. This motion carried.

Administrative Inquiries

If Councillors have queries they would like to submit to admin, this will be the time at which they do. This is in accordance with Council’s procedural bylaw. 

There were no inquiries. 

Notice of Motion

If Councillors have motions they wish to lodge, this will be the time at which they do. This is in accordance with Council’s procedural bylaw.


Direct Administration to bring forward amendments to the Council Remuneration Policy #052 for implementation with the March 21, 2020 Review as follows:

  • Whereas Administration completes all Council Timesheets;
  • And Whereas clarify regarding the definition of meetings is achieved;
  • And Whereas any concurrent meetings be deemed a single meeting in relation to meeting fees
  • And Whereas any remuneration through Council approved committee meetings require a basic report that includes meeting start and end times including travel and a summary discussions and decisions
  • And Whereas committee reports become part of Council Committee meeting agendas on a monthly basis
  • And Whereas items that constitute ‘conference participation’ are tracked and reported separately from regular remuneration.

Information Items

Councillor Trevor Haas: Councillor Haas shared information regarding the Hinton Municipal Library, including the library patrons of the year, read it off for late fees and challenges being encountered for the Dolly Parton Library program. Haas then reported a ride along with the RCMP, and shared information regarding a number of problems identified during his time on the ride.

Councillor Tyler Waugh: Councillor Waugh reported having attended a West Yellowhead Regional Waste Management Association, including their work in transitioning to an authority. Waugh then expressed regret at missing a coming Community Futures West Yellowhead Meeting, saying it is scheduled at the same time as a coming CEAC organizational meeting.  

Councillor Ryan Maguhn: Councillor Maguhn detailed confusion regarding a recent Golf Society meeting, saying that the chair has since been connected with and details regarding infrastructure issues for run off water in the area and personnel activities have been shared. Maguhn concluded by detailing a recently submitted information request to Administration.

Councillor Dewly Nelson: Council Nelson reported a recent Beaver Boardwalk Committee meeting, as well as detailing the survey in the community (learn more below) and the February 8 2020 engagement opportunity at Parks West Mall from 12-4pm. Nelson then spoke to a number of coming initiatives for CFWY, and activities with MLA Long and Speaker Cooper in the community for this weeks Chamber of Commerce meeting. Nelson concluded by speaking to his recent appearance at Ecole Mountainview speaking to school children.

Mayor Marcel Michaels: Mayor Michaels identified that his reports, the WYRWMA meeting and Bebo Committee, had already been spoken to. Michaels also identified the importance of the West Yellowhead Community Violent Threat Assessment Protocol spoken to previously by Aust.

Interim CAO Emily Olsen: Interim CAO Olsen informed Council that due to a lack of agenda items, next week’s standing committee meeting may be cancelled. 

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