Relaunch Phases for Hinton

Phase 2 Image 1 - Permitted
Phase 2 Image 2 - Groups

Phase 2 Begins Friday (June 12, 2020)

What can open with restrictions

  • K-12 schools, for requested diploma exams and summer school, following guidance
  • Libraries
  • More surgeries
  • Wellness services such as massage, acupuncture and reflexology
  • Personal services (esthetics, cosmetic skin and body treatments, manicures, pedicures, waxing, facial treatment, artificial tanning)
  • Indoor recreation, fitness, and sports, including gyms and arenas
  • Movie theatres and theatres
  • Community halls
  • Team sports
  • Pools for leisure swimming
  • VLTs in restaurants and bars
  • Casinos and bingo halls (but not table games)
  • Instrumental concerts

The 50 per cent capacity limit for provincial campgrounds is also being lifted. Over the coming days, the online reservation system will be updated and sites will come online in phases. By July 1, all camping sites will be open for reservations. First-come, first-served sites may open sooner. Information on additional sites will be added to when they become available.

Events and gatherings can be larger in stage two

Maximum 50 people:

  • Indoor social gatherings – including wedding and funeral receptions, and birthday parties

Maximum 100 people:

  • Outdoor events and indoor seated/audience events – including wedding and funeral ceremonies

No cap on the number of people (with public health measures and physical distancing in place):

  • Worship gatherings
  • Restaurants, cafés, lounges and bars
  • Casinos
  • Bingo halls

There is more flexibility for ‘cohort’ groups – small groups of people whose members do not always keep two metres apart:

  • A household can increase its close interactions with other households to a maximum of 15 people
  • Performers can have a cohort of up to 50 people (cast members or performers)
  • Sports teams can play in region-only cohorts of up to 50 players (mini leagues)
  • People could be part of a sports/performing and household cohort
  • Everyone is encouraged to follow public health guidelines and notify others in the cohort(s) if they have symptoms or test positive for COVID-19. If they do test positive or have symptoms, mandatory isolation is required.

Still not approved in stage two

  • Social gatherings that exceed above listed maximums
  • Regular in-school classes for kindergarten to Grade 12. Classes will resume September 2020
  • Vocal concerts (as singing carries a higher risk of transmission)
  • Major festivals and concerts, large conferences, trade shows and events (as these are non-seated social events and/or vocal concerts)
  • Nightclubs
  • Amusement parks
  • Hookah lounges (permitted for food and drink only)
  • Major sporting events and tournaments
  • Non-essential travel outside the province is not recommended. This recommendation will not be lifted until stage three of the relaunch strategy.

The success of stage two will determine when Alberta progresses to stage three. Factors are active cases, health-care system capacity, hospitalization and intensive care unit (ICU) cases, and infection rates.

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Progression to Stage 3 will be determined based on success of stages 1 and 2.

Phase 3 (Timing TBD)

Stage 3 timing will be determined based on health indicators. Some restrictions and enhanced protection controls will remain in place.

Lifted restrictions

  • Fully reopening all businesses and services, with some restrictions.
  • Larger gatherings permitted (number of people to be determined).
  • Arts and culture festivals, concerts and major sporting events will be permitted with restrictions.
  • Nightclubs, gyms, pools, recreation centres and arenas will reopen, with restrictions.
  • Industry conferences can resume, with restrictions.
  • No restrictions on non-essential travel.

Continuing restrictions

Physical distancing restrictions will be maintained.

PREVIOUS: May 1 – 4 

  • Public gathering restrictions of 5 as per our local State of Emergency has been removed. 
  • The Provincial limit of than 15 people while social distancing remains in effect.
  • Removing all barricades from park parking lots May 1.
  • Allow golf course to open without pro shop or club house and subject to social distancing May 4
  • Allow disc golf, bike park to open (subject to social distancing) May 1.

May 4 - 14: Phase 1 

This phase will allow some businesses and services to reopen and resume operations with two metre physical distancing requirements and other public health guidance in place. 

This includes: 

  • Post secondary institutions will continue to deliver courses however how programs are delivered whether online in -person or blended will depend on what restrictions remain in place at the time of relaunch. 
  • Retail businesses such as clothing, furniture, and book stores 
  • Some personal services such as hairstyling and barber shops 
  • Museums and art galleries 
  • More scheduled surgeries and dental procedures 
  • Physical therapy, chiropractic, optometry, and similar services 
  • Summer camps with limits on occupancy. This could include summer school.
  • Rules and guidance for the use of masks in crowded spaces, especially on transit.
  • Daycares with limited occupancy
  • Dine-in restaurants ,cafes, lounges and bars to 50per cent capacity
  • Nightclubs, Movie Theatres, gyms, pools, recreation centres and arenas will remain closed. 
  • Public attendance at businesses, facilities and events that have close physical contact will not be permitted, including: 
    • arts and culture festivals, major sporting events and concerts.
  • Re-opening of play structures and skate park 
    • considered use at own risk
  • Removal of State of Local Emergency possible. 
  • Local business restrictions removed


  • Remote working is advised where possible.
  • Recommendation to treat all areas as on leash
  • Non-essential travel, especially  outside  the province, will continue to not be recommended.

Progression to Stage 2 will be determined by the success of Stage 1, considering health care system capacity, hospitalization and ICU cases, and infection rates.