Key Measures and Timing

Getting to each stage of relaunch will depend on our ability to keep infection rates low, and impacts within the capacity of the healthcare system.

Health measures we will be watching include:

EDIT of Reopening Hinton Plan

Confirmed cases will be monitored in real-time to inform proactive responses in Hinton as well as the rest of the Province.

We need to learn as we go and evaluate as we take careful, considered steps from one stage to the next. There may be times we need to take a step back, but in time, we will adjust and move forward together. Continuous evaluation of health triggers could result in restrictions being removed or reapplied in Hinton. 

We also will do our best to align our relaunch measures with the Provincial phasing out of restrictions. This will alleviate confusion, and ensure we are coordinating our actions with Alberta Health Services, and our Provincial Operation Centre.


While test results are an important indicator, they can’t be considered reflective of the entire population - asymptomatic carriers, unreported infections, and members of at risk populations who do not have access to medical services, not to mention false positives or negatives, are all both common and possible. 

Respecting Social Distancing must continue to take place to prevent a second, possibly worse, wave of transmission event.