East Hardisty Bin Pilot (CONCLUDED)

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East Hardisty Waste Pilot

Residents of East Hardisty: Your area has been selected as the host site for a exciting new test pilot! The Town of Hinton will be bringing you a new, safer, more efficient and better looking garbage system as part of a pilot for a potential wider community roll out.  

The Pilot Project has all but concluded. A report will be brought before Council regarding findings on June 23, 2020.

Why do this?

This initiative seeks to address aging infrastructure while also building capacity to potentially diversify service delivery in the future. This project uses funds already earmarked to address these aging pieces through asset management and planning, meaning no significant impact to budget is expected. There are three main reasons for carrying out this initiative; find images and explanations below!

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Up to Date Bins and Loading Technology

The Town of Hinton’s garbage bins, and trucks, are out of warranty . But even worse, they’re now outmoded - only one supplier remains, making for an uncompetitive market. Our new bins are more cost effective to produce, purchase, and maintain, and come with a solid warranty. The replacement of these bins and their hauling vehicles has been budgeted for through operations. These new bins also significantly expedite speed - now, we will be able to unload bins into a hopper in sequence, to times of only seconds, and then dump the hopper only when necessary. This process minimizes lifting on the equipment and greatly quickens collection.

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Easier to Manage Bin Sizes and Maintenance

 Our current bins are large, heavy when filled, and particular in placement for loading. They require specially adapted garbage trucks, and frequently require maintenance and adjustment to continue to be used. Further, the current bins frequently require our staff to exit the vehicle at height to adjust, creating numerous safety risks.

The newly selected bins come at a lower cost, are easier to replace, and made of a lightweight plastic. This lightweight plastic makes placement and adjustment easier for both our users, and our staff. The new containers are also objectively more eye pleasing, with a slim line design and less industrial curb front appearance

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Versatility and Possibility

 Our current system does not offer any room for diversification, adaptation, or evaluation of future/different types of service. They have served well in holding waste over the years, but the hauler specification and one use nature make this an inefficient use of Town resources.

The new waste containers and required lifting mechanism each allow us the potential to grow this service, whether into organics, recyclables, etc. should community appetite be present for expanded services.

Further Information

Download our project infographic here, or call 780-865-2634.