Leaders by Nature

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A day camp experience for the leaders of tomorrow

Leaders By Nature is Discovery Camp's program for 10-13 year-olds. It gives older kids a fun, active, and engaging day camp experience with an emphasis on developing leadership skills and exploring the natural environment in and around Hinton.

Each day, Leaders By Nature campers will participate in activities that involve problem-solving, decision making, teamwork, learning new skills, and learning new information. Throughout the summer, campers will have the opportunity to use Town of Hinton Transit, to plan and facilitate activities for younger children, to create activities for each other, to help others in the community, and to design and build objects using real tools.

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Reach Out

Every Monday, the Leaders By Nature campers will extend a helping hand to their community. Acts of service such as gardening, visiting, baking, and cleaning will encourage kids to be leaders in their community by using their skills and abilities to help others.


Throughout the summer, Leaders By Nature campers will have the chance to discover some of the best parts of Hinton. Campers will discover the bike park, forestry, wildlife and environmental conservation, the Athabasca Riverfront Park, the disc golf course, the Hinton Friendship Centre, and much more. These experiences of discovery will help campers to gain confidence as they become knowledgeable community members.

Sports Day

On sports days, campers will have the chance to try out new sports or to share their knowledge about sports they're already familiar with. Sports help kids gain confidence, increase physical and mental skills, practice teamwork, practice encouraging others, and manage the emotional part of winning and losing. Campers will explore the many areas in Hinton where outdoor sports facilities exist.

Trip Day

Leaders By Nature campers will join the larger Discovery Camp group for all trip days. These special excursions will give Leaders By Nature campers the chance to be role models for the younger children while participating in fun activities and adventures.

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For more information, please contact Cristin Bostrom, Leaders By Nature Coordinator, at 780-865-6060 or email cbostrom@hinton.ca.