Highlights of Bill 9

The Government of Alberta has proposed changes to legislation that will enhance the integrity and public confidence in local elections by clarifying the rules for voters and those who run election campaigns. Bill 9, the Local Authorities Election Statutes Amendment Act, 2010, was introduced in the Alberta Legislature on March 22, 2010.

Bill 9:
  • Amends the timeline for provisions requiring candidate surplus trust funds to be held by the municipality
  • Clarifies residency rules in that a person may be a resident of only 1 place at a time for the purpose of voting
  • Clarifies that a candidate whose campaign is self-funded has a funding cap of $10,000, and that the candidate is not required to open a bank account or file a disclosure statement unless he or she had a surplus from a previous election
  • Clarifies that a volunteer’s services, where the volunteer received no compensation either directly or indirectly, is not deemed a contribution for purposes of disclosure
  • Clarifies that for contributions from any person (other than the candidate), as well as from any corporation, trade union, or employee organization, a bank account is only required if the total amount of contribution(s) is greater than $5,000
  • Sets campaign contribution limits at $5,000 per year
Passing the Bill
It is proposed that these guidelines would come into effect December 1, 2011. This amendment would allow time for affected parties to comply with the new rules.