Board Member

Code of ethical conduct

As a volunteer with the Hinton District Victim Services Society, I will agree with the following statements and affirm that I will adhere to this Code at all times.

Directors are trustees of public confidence and securities and are expected to avoid any conflict of interest.

There should be no self-dealing or the conducting of private business or personal services between any Board member and the Society. Exceptions may occur only when there is openness and competitive opportunity with equal access to information.

It is expected that Directors will not use their positions to obtain for themselves, for their family members, or associates, employment with the Hinton District Victim Service Society.

If a Board member is considered for employment within the Hinton District Victim Services Society, attains employment within the Unit, or becomes a volunteer with the Unit they must withdraw, in writing, from the local governance Board of Directors.

Directors must not exercise individual authority over the Society, except as stated in the Society’s Policies and By-laws.

Where a potential conflict of interest exists (e.g., one spouse is an Advocate, the other a Board member) the local governance Board member shall forfeit their voting privileges for that specific motion or motions.

Board members must notify one of the Executive Directors and the RCMP Liaison member when they are found guilty of a criminal offense, failure to do so will result in immediate dismissal from the local governance board.

  • I believe in the dignity of the individual and in the individual’s right to self-determination.
  • I will perform all assigned tasks to the best of my ability .
  • I will not discriminate and/or provide preferential treatment because of race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, economic status or national ancestry in my service to the Hinton District Victim Services Society and will attempt to prevent such discrimination from occurring.
  • I understand that my opinions are not necessarily those of the Victim Services Unit, the RCMP, or the Hinton District Victim Services Society personnel. I agree to clarify my opinions versus Unit or Detachment policies in any statements made to anyone.
  • I respect the current judicial process of Canada and will not criticize the judicial system.
  • I agree to abide by all written procedures and policies of the Hinton District Victim Services Society.
  • I agree that I will not use any knowledge gained through my services to the Hinton District Victim Services for any personal financial gain or profit during and after my tenure as a Board member.
  • I agree that I will abide by the dress code as described at Hinton District Victim Services Society, presenting myself attired in neat, clean and appropriate clothing when on official Victim Services business.
  • I agree that I will respect the belief systems of all persons with whom I come into contact as a result of being a Victim services volunteer.
  • I agree that I will disclose to the Board and/or the RCMP liaison member or designate, any and all information that may be considered as a potential conflict of interest including, but not limited to, involvement with the Auxiliary Policing Program, Restorative Justice Program, counselling services, or any other program which may be considered a conflict of interest with responsibilities in the Victim Services Unit according to the RCMP and/or Victims of Crime Fund grant guidelines.
  • I have read all of the above statements and affirm that I agree with the content and will adhere to all of the ethical standards contained herein.

Application for Appointment