Community Engagement and Advisory Committee (CEAC)

As of December 20, 2022, the Community Engagement and Advisory Committee (CEAC) has been disbanded. The Town of Hinton thanks the many Hintonites who served on the Committee and contributed to Council decisions over the years.

The Community Engagement and Advisory Committee (CEAC) is a group of citizen volunteers empowered by Town Council to act as additional eyes and ears within the community to help the flow of feedback from, and information to, town residents on different issues, and be an advisory committee to the Council.

CEAC was created in 2011 to fill the void left when several advisory groups dissolved, as well as to monitor the progress of the Community Sustainability Plan. However, the group's terms of reference and action plan were revised in 2018 to increase its relevance in the community and its cohesion with council and administration.

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    Community Engagement & Advisory Committee
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CEAC’s purpose is to collect and present the views of Stakeholders, based on the five (5) Community Sustainability Plan Community Pillars of Culture, Recreation, Education & Wellness, Local Economy, and Natural and Built Environments.

CEAC members will meet the mandate using informal communication with friends, colleagues, neighbours, and formal public communication channels like surveys and open houses. The committee will regularly report back to council and administration with their findings and recommendations.

With the onset of COVID-19, current CEAC members continue to meet virtually and perform their duties. You can find the most recent 2020 COVID-19 Impact Citizen Survey Report by CEAC in this agenda package.


Citizen Members: 
*The 2021-2022 CEAC Members page will be updated in the new year.*

Council Members :

Councillor Stuart Taylor
Councillor Brian LaBerge (Alternate)