CEAC (Community ENGAGEMENT and Advisory Committee)

Mandate: To monitor implementation of the Community Sustainability Plan and gather public input to develop recommendations to Council

CEAC is Hinton's Community Engagement and Advisory Committee. As a Committee of Council, they act as a listening group for Council, gathering information and seeking solutions to problems as directed by Council. They are a great sounding board for residents with concerns in the community. 

Some of CEAC's Duties Include: 
  • Attend and participate in committee meetings
  • Actively engage with the public, partners, and stakeholders, seek information and advice, and communicate the changing needs and pulse of the community to council on CSP initiatives, priorities, and emergent issues
  • Promote and support council’s strategic plan through public engagement and open dialogue among community members, partners, and stakeholders
  • Maintain awareness of the overall community voice, insight, and issues of an emergent nature
  • Review, advise, and develop programs within the framework of the Community Sustainability Plan and Council’s Strategic Plan and utilize public consultation and engagement in developing all actions, advice and recommendations provided to council
CEAC Members
  1. Members
  2. History
  3. How to Become a Member
  4. Agendas, Meetings, and Documents


Christian Weik
Pillar: Natural and Built Environments

Donald Harrison
Pillar:Local Economy

Doug Heine
Pillar:Education and Wellness

Fiona Murray-Galbraith
Pillar: Education and Wellness

Garth Griffiths
Pillar:Governance and Partnerships

Jan Vassbotn
Pillar: Culture and Recreation

Jailin Bertolin Pillar: Culture and Recreation 
Kathy Rees
Pillar: Governance and Partnerships

Sharon Meredith
Pillar: Natural and Built Environments

Appointed Members:

Ron Mckay

Shirley Caputo

Councillor Tyler Waugh
Councillor Albert Ostashek (Alternate)

Roles of the Citizen:

As residents of the Hinton community, it takes every one of us to be involved in the effort to achieving our goals taking us to 2040. Our vision of the future is vibrant and bold and we are willing to work hard to achieve it. In doing so we all must do our part to support the vision that we as a community are striving to reach and to do so we can each pledge to:

• As a Hinton citizen, I will find a way to support my community that suit my interests, my resources, and my community’s needs.
• I will take actions  in my everyday life that support Hinton’s Community Sustainability Plan. 
• I will share my stories and encourage others to get involved!