Development Permits

Development Permits are an important part of Planning and Development's work. They help to ensure that all work completed within the community is done to the Town's standard, and to ensure that all safety, legal, and zoning considerations are taken into account in a new development.

Please note: All development permits issued prior to the adoption of the Land Use Bylaw #1088 and fee schedule #1104 will fall under the requirements and regulations of the previous LUB #960. If you are unsure of how this may affect you or your permit, please feel welcome to contact our development office to clarification. 

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  1. Information To Be Provided in Permits
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The Development Permit application shall include:
a) A statement of intended uses of the proposed Development and an estimated completion date;
b) A statement that the proposed development conforms with Hinton’s Minimum Engineering Design
Standards and applicable guidelines and Infrastructure Master Plans;
c) A copy of the Certificate of Title;
d) A vicinity map indicating the location of the proposed development in relation to nearby streets
and other significant physical features;
e) Site Plans showing all of the following:
i. North point and scale,
ii. Legal description of the site,
iii. Municipal address,
iv. Lot lines with dimensions,
v. Locations of all registered utility easements and rights-of-way,
vi. Location, dimensions and height of existing and proposed Principal Buildings and Accessory
vii. Location of sidewalks and curbs,
viii. Location of major landscaped areas , retaining walls, existing trees, buffering and screening
areas ,
ix. Setbacks, shown and labelled,
x. Layout of existing and proposed parking areas , driveways, paved areas , entrances and exits
abutting streets and lanes,
xi. Site topography, drainage patterns, grades and other conditions,
xii. Location of existing and proposed municipal and private local improvements,
xiii. Any other pertinent information required by the Development Authority respecting the site;
f) Such other plans, photographs or other documents or information of any kind that the
Development Authority in its sole discretion considers necessary to properly evaluate the
proposed development, including but not limited to the following:
i. Plans showing elevations, floor plans and the perspective of the proposed development
including a description of the exterior finishing materials and colour;
ii. A Real Property Report to verify the location of an existing Building or development that is the
subject of the Development Permit application;
iii. Photographs showing the site in its current condition;
iv. A description of how the form, mass and character of the proposed development will relate to
neighbouring development;
v. A detailed landscape plan showing tree planting/removals, grassed areas including the
location and species of shrubs and trees, and playgrounds;
vi. A detailed grading plan that aligns with Hinton’s Minimum Engineering Design Guideline
vii. Emergency vehicle access and muster points;
viii. Private or public transit routing;
ix. The location of snow storage areas;
x. A technical study prepared by a qualified professional that addresses the development or its
impact on the community-at-large, including but not limited to geotechnical, floodplain,
parking or noise attenuation studies, environmental impact assessments and traffic impact
xi. A reclamation plan if major surface disturbance is anticipated;
xii. Information showing that the Applicant has discussed the proposal with nearby Registered
xiii. An economic analysis of the Development;

Planning and Development is here to help developers do business in Hinton. If you need assistance completing your Development Permit, please do not hesitate to come into the Planning and Development Office, or to call 780-865-6010