Hinton Proud: Positive Community Stories

Every week there are amazing stories about fellow citizens who have gone above and beyond. Hinton is full of these stories; full of these individuals or groups or businesses who make Hinton the community that it is.

People who go the extra mile to help out a visitor, or the volunteer who puts in that time to help make Hinton a better place, or that local resident who has gone above and beyond in their field and is recognized for it; or that simple gesture that goes a long way.

Hinton is full of amazing stories, played out by amazing people that make us proud to call Hinton home.

At the Town of Hinton, we would like to start recognizing those everyday people in our community that do extraordinary things. Please share your Hinton Proud stories with us through email or by popping by the Government Centre to speak with someone from the communications department.

Travel Alberta Ladies Staff at Hinton’s Travel Alberta Visitor Information Centre went over and above the call of duty to assist a family from China in making their Canadian Rockies Vacation dream come true.

Find out about how Melissa Williamson, Donna Shaw, Melanie Widenmaier and Joanne Cole, with the help of the Super 8 Hotel, helped visitors to our region solve an issue that would have affected their stay in Canada. Click here to read the full story!