Automated Photo Enforcement (Photo Laser)

General Information 

The Town of Hinton hired Global Traffic Group in July of 2006 to provide photo enforcement after receiving citizen complaints and concerns regarding speeding within town limits.  The goal of the program is to provide a safer community for citizens. Global Traffic Group uses photo laser, and describes the difference between photo laser and photo radar as the difference between a laser pointer and a flashlight.

“The flashlight has a wide beam that illuminates the object you point it at as well as any objects near it.  On the other hand, a laser pointer’s beam is incredibly focused, and can be used to illuminate only a very small and specific area and nothing around it.  This technology selectively targets individual vehicles which makes it clear and indisputable exactly how fast each car is travelling.” 

Automated Traffic Enforcement is governed in Hinton in part by the Automated Traffic Enforcement Committee. Made up of the Staff Sgt. of the RCMP, the Protective Services Manager, and the CAO of the Town of Hinton, this committee helps provide guidance for zones, enforcement styles, and other important decisions.

As part of the Towns agreement with Global, all individuals who receive a traffic infraction ticket also receive a photo, illustrating the infraction. This photo can also help in the case that a resident wishes to make a challenge or request a fine reduction in court.  

Hinton Photo Radar Documents

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