Councillor JoAnn (Jo) Race


Councillor JoAnn Race believes she has lived experiences relevant to a great many of Hinton’s Residents. 

Together with her husband Chris, they have raised four incredible children who have gifted her with 6 grandchildren. She is proudly retired, but active in her community, having been a regular at Council Meetings over the last four years. 

Many know Jo from her time working. In the OH&S field, she led the way as the first female mine rescue instructor in all of Alberta, working at Cardinal River Coal, and then Gregg River, and then striking out to work for herself as a “That First Aid Lady”. That striking out on her own, coupled with her experience in industry, make her sympathetic to both employees, and small business people. 

In each stage of Jo’s life, unique experiences provided her with the opportunities to build, opportunities she continues to feel gratitude for. Now, she wants to make sure those opportunities are there for the next generation of Hintonites to succeed in the same way.

Race is also well known as the creator of Hinton’s annual “Kick it to the Curb” event, which helps give items a new life, all while keeping them from the landfill. 

Jo can’t wait to get to work as a councillor, representing the citizens that gave her this new opportunity to make a difference in a community she loves.

Boards & Committees

  • Beaver Boardwalk Committee - Alternate
  • CAO Performance Review/Recruitment Committee
  • Emergency Services Committee  
  • Hinton Youth Advisory Council
  • Home for Fine Arts Society in Hinton (ASH)
  • West Yellowhead Regional Waste Management - Alternate

Councillor Race Timesheets / Expenses