Current and Recently completed Projects

Boutin Avenue Development

The development of Boutin Avenue is in its early stages, with a design charrette now complete. The charrette proceeded through the process encapsulated below, with the objective of the project to develop a preferred site plan that: Best utilizes the Town owned lands. This aides in diversifying Hinton’s housing mix and is conscious of and complementary to existing development. This is both financially attainable and sustainable.

Hinton Water Treatment Plant

Since the construction of the Pulp and Paper Mill in Hinton during the late 1950’s, the facility has supplied potable water to the residents and businesses of the Town of Hinton. During this time, the owners of the Mill and the Town of Hinton have worked together to keep potable water flowing through an arrangement that has been unique within Alberta.

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Maxwell Lake Pedestrian Bridge Project

The Town of Hinton has approved the replacement of the Maxwell Lake Bridge in the 2018 Town of Hinton Capital Budget. The existing pedestrian bridge is slumping into the wetland and is structurally compromised and no longer safe for public use. 

The new bridge profile is raised higher to support the water flow changes in the Maxwell Lake from year to year. The bridge has been designed to support and enable those with mobility aids to access the bridge. The bridge design supports equipment for boardwalk maintenance by Town of Hinton in areas that were not readily accessible throughout the year.

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