Water, Sewer & Garbage


There are several ways you can pay your utility bills, these include:

  • In person with cash, cheque, or Interac 
  • Payments can be made at local financial institutions
  • Through online banking
  • Automatic withdrawal from a bank account, a voided cheque for that account and a pre-Monthly Payment Plan Form are required. The payments will be made on the 15th of each month.
  • Online payments via OptionPay


Sewage treatment is provided by Hinton Pulp (a division of West Fraser Mills Limited). There is also a sewer flushing program provided; however, there is no provision for the disposal of chemicals.


The water source for the Town of Hinton is the Athabasca River. The reservoir capacity is:

  • Design capacity - 13,636 cubic metres / 481,555.34 cubic feet
  • Treated substance - 5,228 cubic metres / 184,626.82 cubic feet

Bulk Water Location

The Kelley Road Bulk Station is located at:

204 Kelley Road (map)
Hinton, AB T7V 1H2

Download the bulk water application here.