Cemetery Rates

Burial Plots

Grave FeesFee
Single Grave$450
Child Grave$225
Veteran Grave$225

Each grave at Woodlawn Cemetery can accommodate one casket burial plus up to four cremations or four cremations total.

Burial Fees

Interment FeesFee
Burial (casket)$800
Burial (urn)$425

Columbarium Fees

The niche price is $1,700 An additional opening of the niche costs $100. Each columbarium niche can accommodate up to two cremations.

Regular Hours

(Monday-Friday, 9am-2pm)

Additional fees are incurred for interments outside regular hours:

Burial (casket) $200

Burial (urn) $106.25

Niche $170

Additional opening $10

GST is applicable to all cemetery plots and burials.

The fees and charges by the Town for plot, the opening and closing of graves for burial purposes, purchasing a Niche in the Columbarium, opening, and closing of a Niche are governed by the fees set out in Schedule A of the Cemetery Bylaw No. 796-5.