Utilities & Public Works

Infrastructure Services perform a number of functions. Many of which are internally focussed, for example Mechanics that ensure our equipment is running, the Database Tech who makes sure work orders get to our Building Maintenance Techs who ensure the lights are on, the heat is working, and the toilets are flushing.

The department also delivers the services that you may overlook as you go about your day – ensuring that clean drinking water is available at your tap, that the roads are cleared of snow and other debris, and that your garbage is removed and taken to the landfill. 

This department includes:

Emergency Numbers

Emergency numbers for Highway 16 and Highway 40 road concerns call Ledcor 1-866-453-3267.

For road concerns in town, contact Infrastructure Services at 780-865-2634.
Both of these lines are answered 24 hours.

Road Policies