Old historical photo of 8 firefighters in front of some old fire trucks.

Hinton's 1st Fire Hall

Hinton's 1st fire hall was located on Switzer Drive west of the recreation center. This 3 bay hall housed Hinton's units and personal until 2004 when the new fire hall was built.

During a meeting held on February 13, 1957, it was agreed to build a fire hall after the purchase of the town's 1st fire engine from Drayton Valley earlier in the month. A volunteer fire brigade was then organized, as the town had only a truck with no crew at the time.
- "Hinton Parklander," February 1957

Hinton's new fire engine is well equipped for fighting fires with the exception of a fire brigade. Organizational efforts were in the works to try and find a crew. The truck is 2 tons which came complete with a 300 gallon tank, 600 feet of hose, spray nozzles and a booster pump. It was all purchased from Drayton Valley.
- "Hinton Parklander" February 1957

Department Firsts

  • First engine - a used Fargo fire engine with 1 ground ladder and 2 booster reels
  • First water tender - 1957 Dodge, which weighed 1 ton and held 300 gallons of water
  • Initial Chief - J. Dexter Champion
  • Initial staffing - 8 members