Real Estate & Land Development

Developing Hinton

In planning for new development in Hinton, there are a number of initiatives that the community has undertaken to encourage strategic enhancement and development of the community. These include the:
All of these initiatives work to improve the visual appearance and value of local properties as well as strengthen Hinton's image as a mountain community.

Permits and Approvals
Information about development permits and subdivision approval.

Town Owned Land For Sale
If you ever wondered how the town sells land, check out the land sale process flowchart.

Available Land
Click below to view high level maps showing land supply in Hinton. Find your perfect development opportunity!

Residential Land

Hinton has a variety of residential housing. Whether you're looking to make your home in a modest town house or an upscale estate residence, Hinton has a mixture of locations to suit your needs. View our developer and/or realtor listings to help you get started.

Commercial / Industrial Land

Commercial properties for sale or lease are available throughout the community in the Hardisty Shopping District, the Mountainview Shopping District, and along Highway 16.