Councillor Kristen Chambers

The Town of Hinton is pleased to welcome Councillor Chambers as a member of Council, effective November 21, 2023.


Kristen Chambers is passionate about the town of Hinton. Having moved to Hinton early in her childhood, she has been a strong advocate for the community all of her life. As a mother of three young boys, she believes that building strong communities is essential for the growth and sustainability of this region. Having run her own local business, Kristen always believed that local problems require local solutions. Her experience working in this region helped her to implement creative solutions to problems faced by communities in rural Alberta. As a leader, she insists on quality and commitment from everyone associated with her work. 

Kristen is also the Chief Administrative Officer of The Evergreens Foundation, a not-for-profit housing management body based in Hinton and serving our neighbouring communities. In her nearly two decade long housing career, she has brought several meaningful changes to the seniors and affordable housing in this region.  Her contribution to the housing sector in Alberta put Hinton on the map and changed housing models across the province.

She is also a recipient of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal and the 2022 Alberta Minister’s Seniors Service Award for her contributions to the community.

Boards & Committees

  • CAO Performance Review/ Recruitment Committee (ALT)
  • Community Futures West Yellowhead
  • West Yellowhead Regional Waste Management
  • Forest Resources Advisory Group (ALT)
  • Home for Fine Arts Society of Hinton (A.S.H.) (ALT)

Timesheets / Expenses