Mayor Nicholas Nissen

As of November 21st, 2023, Mayor Nissen has officially taken office in the Town of Hinton, and Administration warmly welcomes him to his new role.


I wholeheartedly believe that Hinton is one of the best places to live in the country. Small towns like ours are the middle-class economic backbone of Canada.

Here, we get to enjoy all of the benefits of beauty, history, culture, and recreation that such close access to nature affords us, paired with the economic drivers that make communities thrive. Business, industry, government, not-for-profits, and arts and culture can all thrive here, giving people livelihoods and lifestyles that really can’t be matched.

I was born and raised in Edmonton, and my wife and I both served in the Air Force for over a decade. Through our service, we’ve each lived in many places across Canada. After retirement from the military, we chose Hinton as our home. That’s just to say, I’ve been to every province and territory and lived in a few too, so when I say that Hinton is one of the best, I come by my opinion honestly!

I’m running for Mayor because I want people to be able to look forward to the future. It seems that there’s a lot of doom and gloom out there in the public discourse and not a whole lot of hope lately. I believe that we have everything we need in a place like Hinton to have good jobs, good education, and good livelihoods. As a town, we are both big enough and small enough to make sure that no one gets left out. This will take leadership and a hopeful vision of the future.

Yes, there are definitely challenges. But as they say, when times are tough, look for those who are helping. These are the people who give hope. As I’ve met the many inspiring community leaders who are doing the challenging and necessary work to make this a great place to live, it’s evident that issues like housing affordability, job stability, and access to healthcare are the main pressures that people are facing. I understand that. For example, as a medically retired military veteran, the issue of access to health care is very important to me.

Our town, like most small towns, is filled with people who are passionate, dedicated, and caring. These are the people who need to be set up for success so that we can all succeed together. Even as we see how complex the world is, there are so many smart, talented people in our community who share the idea that Hinton is and can continue to be an excellent place to live, work, and raise a family. Not just for some but for everyone who chooses this place as home.

As Mayor, I will focus on leadership, communication, and connection to enable the work that needs to get done. My family plans on living here for a long time, and we have a vested interest in seeing this community thrive for the next 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 years and beyond.

Lead - Leadership is setting up the conditions of success so that everyone can succeed. This is my personal motto, my raison d’etre, and what I will do as Mayor. Our town has the people with the smarts and talent to weather any storm and solve any problem; if we don’t, I’m certain that by collaborating and working together, we can figure it out. I am a problem solver, and my military experience honed that skill to a high degree.

Communicate - I’m a communicator! My wife says I like to talk, and there’s nothing more interesting to me than getting to know people, listening to their perspectives, and sharing knowledge. I like to walk around, meet people where they are, chat about how things are going, and learn. By doing this, I can understand what the realities are that people are facing, and help them find workable solutions. COVID hampered that, which was personally tough for me. I’m relieved that we’re moving past that, and we can start to look forward to the future again.

Connect - Making connections to other levels of government, be it provincial or federal, so that we can get access to the many supports and services out there is going to be a priority. As will linking up with other Alberta municipalities, regionally or across the province to see how they do things. We can learn best practices and share what’s going right, which is going to help us all be better off.

I will bring a spirit of collaboration, vision, and hope to the role of Mayor. 

Boards & Committees

  • CAO Performance Review/ Recruitment Committee
  • Community Futures West Yellowhead (ALT)
  • Evergreen Foundation Board
  • Hinton Police/Town Liaison Committee

Timesheets / Expenses