Contractor Workshop

The Town of Hinton is hosting a series of interactive workshops for local contractors to learn more about working with the Town. The purpose of these workshops is to share information about the kinds of projects offered by the Town, the procurement process, and pre-qualification and safety requirements. As well, the Town takes these opportunities to hear from you, our local contractors, on what barriers you may face when working or seeking to work with the Town, and how we can improve our processes and operations.

The formation of this workshop stems from 4-key areas we wish to address through this workshop:

  1. To gain a better understanding of our current contractor/supplier capacity within the Town limits and to maintain an active listing of your expertise and service offerings 
  2. How evolving legislation shapes the framework within which the Municipality must operate when it comes to procuring contracts, goods, and services
  3. Explore and create an environment where emerging contractors and suppliers can better understand how to access and become one of the Town’s approved contractors and or suppliers
  4. To hear from contractors and suppliers in attendance at this workshop on how the Town can improve and or align its processes and communication mechanisms on the go forward.

Our first Contractor Workshop was held on March 27, 2023. An overview of what was discussed can be viewed in the presentation below. Thank you to those who offered their time and attended. We look forward to hosting future workshops, conversations, and partnerships.

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