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The Town of Hinton wants to begin evaluation of how to make the most of one of our most loved parks - Erith park!

The Hinton Wheeled Park Association, a local organization, presented a revitalization of Erith Park project to Hinton Town Council and Administration. Following this, the Hinton Town Council gave direction that administration begins informing residents of the Erith Park area for new recreation and park facilities, as well as the rehabilitation of existing facilities.  

What You Need to Know

  • We want to speak directly to proximal Erith Park area residents about their concerns and needs.
  • Nothing is committed to at this time.
  • The vision of this project is an overall community benefitting facility; working to address existing concerns while imagining a park that also delivers more recreation opportunity in the community.


This action comes following the presentation of the concept of an all-wheel park to Council in early 2021, and ahead of the return of this concept for discussion in February. 

View the Council Meeting here

Find the presentation in the agenda package, available here

The concept being discussed is an all-wheel park, as supported by the Hinton Wheeled Park Association (HWPA). As presented to Council during the most recent HWPA delegation presentation on January 12, 2021 Council meeting, the next step to advance this project is to secure Erith Park lands for the purpose of advancing the All-Wheel Park project proposal.

Securing the land through motion of Council will enable the HWPA to initiate their marketing plan, seek monetary and in-kind donations, pursue grant funding, and begin engagement strategies. 

As highlighted in the recent delegation presentation, this site was chosen in the preliminary phases prior to the 2019 presentation to Council. 

At that time, the site was chosen based on the following: 

  • Hill Location 
  • Designated Recreation/Parks Land Use 
  • Available square footage
  • Cleared and graded – flat location desirable
  • Near other trails 
  • Alignment with Parks, Open Spaces, and Trails Master Plan 

Upon review of the All-Wheel Park proposal in December of 2020, and through the evaluation process (Attachment 2 in the agenda package available here), Senior Leadership identified additional opportunities and limitations that exist at this site as related to the proposed park.

  • Erith Park playground replacements that are scheduled within capital plans in 2023 and beyond can be adjusted to align with All-Wheel Park construction phases.
  • Capital funds could be leveraged to assist with future funding of portions of the All-Wheel Park area, update the playground as scheduled, and/or address current and projected parking issues that occur in the Erith Park area. 
  • To address drainage and to align similar works in the area for efficiency. Similar to the above, some infrastructure capital projects related to inground work (storm systems) could be aligned to coincide with All-Wheel Park construction, thus reducing year over year interruptions to local residents and park users. 
  • Administration also recognized the limitations of the site and project, noting that the project should align with qualities of a neighborhood park, and is not being designed or marketed as a tourist draw. 

What does a Decision in March Mean?

The HWPA requires a Council motion that allocates the lands at Erith Park for the purposes of advancing the All-Wheel Park project proposal marketing plans which includes raising of funds and engagement initiatives. 

Should Council not provide the required motion, the group will not be able to seek vital grant funds and corporate sponsorship required to advance the project plan as outlined in the January 12, 2021 delegation presentation to Council. 

By providing this motion, Council is not committing to the project as a whole, but rather is assisting the group in bringing next phase information before Council for future approval. 

There are no partnership agreements required at this phase as the group is not seeking any funding from the Town for 2021 and there will be no budgetary impact to the Town in 2021. The HWPA will continue to work with administration in order to understand when Council decision may be required and to assess future funding assistance or other support that may be required from the Town in 2022 and beyond. Upon the completion of this evaluation through 2021, and pending the success of the HWPA marketing plan, Council can expect further information regarding funding and partnership agreements at a later date. 

At this time, Council can also expect a full cost analysis as this Civic Agency partnership would be of the infrastructure type wherein the group funds the capital investment, and the Town operates and maintains the asset. 

The Parks department has assessed the All Wheel Park concept as a minimal impact to maintenance or operations budgets and the HWPA is working with the department to ensure design elements will not require an increase to budget amounts.

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