Beaver boardwalk History

West Fraser Mills Ltd. sponsored the construction in 2006 of this Beaver Boardwalk to commemorate the 50th anniversary of West
Fraser’s Hinton operation and the Town of Hinton. In 1955, the construction of the Hinton pulp mill began, with completion of the
facility taking place the following year. As well, in 1956 the Town of Hinton was incorporated, amalgamating with Drinnan in 1957,
which makes up the valley area of present day Hinton.

Interpretive signs were updated in 2017, as a joint project of the Town of Hinton and West Fraser Mills Ltd. This project was supported through a grant provided by the Forest Resource Improvement Association of Alberta.

The Beaver Boardwalk wishes to recognize the many sponsors that helped make this park a reality, including: 

  • Whiskey Jack Bird Club
  • Forest Resources Improvement Association of Alberta
  • Fisheries & Ocean Canada
  • Hinton Rotary Club
  • Hinton Communities in Bloom
  • Teck
  • Alberta Lottery Fund