Beaver Boardwalk

The 3 kilometre Beaver Boardwalk is a unique, wooden pathway that winds its way through wetlands and a living, fully functioning beaver pond in the town of Hinton, Alberta. The Boardwalk features seating areas, an outdoor classroom, interpretive signs and 2 observation towers. It's a great opportunity for people to experience and learn about Mother Nature up close.
5 beavers on the Beaver Boardwalk
The Boardwalk is yet another tribute to the cooperative spirit of our community. It was constructed by volunteers using materials and funding provided by West Fraser Mills and other partner organizations.

View a map of the Beaver Boardwalk (PDF), for further details.

Visit the photo gallery to virtually explore the Beaver Boardwalk.

Beaver Boardwalk Blog
Follow Rick Bonar, originator and the biggest fan of the Beaver Boardwalk, as he blogs his time on the Beaver Boardwalk.

The Animals of Beaver Boardwalk
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