Projects & Plans

Current Projects and Plans

Rec Centre 10 Year Strategy

The Dr. Duncan Murray Recreation Centre 10 Year Strategy was presented to Council on November 22. The report shared the public and stakeholder feedback that was received this fall, and outlined high level cost estimates on the components of Concept 1. After reviewing the report in detail with David Edmonds, architect with GEC Architecture, and key members of administration, Council's next step is to obtain a detailed design to determine variables such as size and quality of additions and renovations, and how they affect the costs of Concept 1, which includes a new aquatic centre and fieldhouse.

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The Town of Hinton has announced a partnership with Epoch Energy to advance Hinton Geothermal; an innovative district energy heating system leveraging heat energy from deep, hot reservoirs in the Hinton area as well as a future goal of geothermal power generation. Hinton’s location is central to oil and gas exploration, well bore infrastructure, and the requisite geology to be repurposed for geothermal energy—an approach that is creative and novel in its vision.

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During the Regular Council Meeting on December 1, 2015 Hinton Town Council made a decision stating: “That the Arts Venue project be advanced as a full build-out costing up to $6 million, with any shortfall in funding (once grants, sponsorships, community fundraising etc. are maximized) be covered by a 4.5 million debenture”. The full scope of the project will be completed by two different General Contractors. The 1st phase is for the full renovation and buildout of the facility, awarded to Jen-Col Construction Ltd. The 2nd Phase will be for the fit out of furnishing, fixtures and equipment specific to operating the facility as a performing arts venue and theatre.  The scope of work for the second phase will be tendered December, 2016.

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Recently Completed Projects and Plans

2016 Land Use Bylaw

At the September 6, 2016, Regular Council Meeting, Council voted to adopt the draft Land Use Bylaw (LUB). Town of Hinton administration and engineering firm ISL, with direction and support from Council, reviewed and revised the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) creating a document that promotes growth and supports development initiatives through positive user-friendly development regulations.

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Hardisty Lift Station
This project constructs a sanitary lift station building above a sanitary wet well and a dry well containment unit.  The structure provides the access to the wells and houses the mechanical and electrical instrumentation and operational controls of the lift station.  New upsized gravity and force main sanitary lines will be connected to existing and new infrastructure.

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Innovista Phases II and III
This project sees the construction of a waterline from the Thompson Reservoir, across Highway 16, and east along Phases II and III of Innovista Eco-Industrial Park.  This allows for the Town to be growth ready to supply water services with fire flow for not only Phases ll and lll, but also the future Highway Commercial Corridor on the Northeast side of Highway 16 and the Southside of Highway 16.

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 Switzer Drive 
 The Switzer Drive construction is twofold; sanitary upgrade and road infrastructure.    

  • Upgrading the main sanitary trunk that serves the eastern area of Hinton and ties into new Hardisty Lift Station project.
  • Constructs a new west bound and east bound traffic lane between the intersections of Joblin Street and Drinnan Way.  These intersections identify the transition points of existing road to new road infrastructure.  Once the new single west and east bound traffic lanes are opened, the Town will be decommissioning and removing the existing west and east road surface between these intersections.    The new road construction remains as one single lane of traffic for east bound traffic and one lane west for west bound traffic.
The new road infrastructure design (two lanes only) introduces stormwater management, a designated cross walk, improved street lighting and a pedestrian trail, which not only creates connectivity but promotes safer pedestrian movement in this area of our community.   

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